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Meet The Team


Nikki Ockenden, RFC
Managing Partner, Precise Financial Solutions

Nikki’s journey in the financial services industry began 11 years ago, fueled by her passion for numbers and problem-solving. She recognized the struggles faced by many individuals and families in her community who had worked hard their entire lives, only to face financial challenges in retirement. Determined to make a difference, Nikki embarked on a quest to learn and develop strategies to help mitigate these issues.

To further enhance her expertise, Nikki obtained the Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) designation from the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants. This accreditation solidified her knowledge and skills in structuring unique financial strategies for both families and businesses. Nikki’s approach goes beyond providing generic solutions; she believes in taking the time to truly understand her clients on a personal level, considering their individual circumstances and goals.

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nikki’s love for learning led her to study Biochemistry at the University of Minnesota. Over the years, she has lived in multiple states across the US, gaining valuable experience and insights from different financial landscapes. Eventually, Nikki found her home in Florida, where she continues to make a positive impact on the lives of her clients. Outside of her professional endeavors, Nikki cherishes quality time with her four children: Mimi, Raya, Niaya, and Isaac. She embraces an active lifestyle, enjoying travel, biking, and hiking adventures with her family. These experiences not only bring joy but also serve as a reminder of the importance of planning for the future and creating meaningful memories. Nikki’s dedication to her clients, combined with her expertise and personal approach, sets her apart in the financial services industry. She remains committed to helping individuals and families achieve financial security and navigate their unique financial journeys with confidence.


Sarah Rosas
Managing Partner, Precise Financial Solutions

Sarah Rosas, a versatile finance, and real estate connoisseur, on a mission to revolutionize the way clients navigate their investment journey. Her impressive background not only fuels her ability to conjure out-of-the-box strategies but also equips her to guide clients through the intricate world of financial management with unrivaled precision, ensuring each decision is tailored to individual goals and risk appetites.

With a diverse professional portfolio, Sarah is a powerhouse in the realms of real estate, finance, and technology. Her decade-long experience in spearheading a thriving tech and communication e-commerce venture reflects her expertise in fields like financial management, investments, marketing, and sales. Sarah’s acumen for product and inventory management, as well as financial analysis, cements her as a versatile and accomplished leader

Sarah’s exceptional communication prowess, relentless dedication, and commitment to outstanding customer service guide her team in addressing the unique financial requirements of couples and individuals during their golden years. Fluent in Spanish and English, Sarah ensures her clients are empowered with clear information and resources to make smart, well-informed choices for a secure and tranquil retirement. Sarah’s brilliance extends beyond her career milestones as she fervently engages in community enrichment activities. She generously volunteers to educate the public on pivotal financial topics such as retirement and social security. Furthermore, her altruistic endeavors encompass collaborations with esteemed non-profit entities and healthcare institutes.


Kelly Fletcher

Account Servicing Manager

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Dawn Rybak

Chief Compliance Officer


Riley McCulley

Case Analysis & Design

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Sal Velazquez

Chief Marketing Officer

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